Welcome to VirtualTaxOffice, the world's First Tax ERP System!

Built by R3 Tax Solutions, Inc., VirtualTaxOffice (VTO) is a subscription-based web portal built for business tax departments to manage their daily tasks and functions in a controlled manner, allowing for collaboration and redundancy of functions to improve operational efficiency and accuracy. It focuses on the management of documents, knowledge, and task workflow using a modular subscription model allowing you to pick and choose what business functions you want to handle through the system. Each module handles a particular business function, like Exemption Certificate Management, for a specific group of taxes, like Indirect (sales/use/utility) Taxes. Each module has a dashboard showing items needing attention, and all modules feed to the Main Dashboard so you never miss a thing!  And, all functions are inter-related so everyone in your department, regardless of their function, is always on the same page with what’s going on in your organization.

VTO is applicable to all types of taxes, and you can even define your own tax types with the Administration module. Each user you add to your subscription can be assigned specific roles, from Read-Only to Module Administrator, for the select Modules you want them to access. You can choose to give some users access to only one Module, or all of them. All modules currently available, and in our road map, are designed and built to help you standardize your business processes related to the functioning of your tax department from a document, knowledge, and workflow perspective. All from one, uniform system, and all on one dashboard.  To be clear, VTO does not prepare or file tax returns or perform tax calculations. However, it makes it easier to perform those tasks by making the knowledge required for them accessible and accurate to those who need to know.


The VTO Advantage

Whether you are a staff accountant responsible for performing daily tasks in your tax department, or a V.P. of Tax trying to manage dozens of staff around the globe, or just around your floor, VTO is the solution to your document, knowledge, and workflow needs.

  • A controlled process that is self-documenting
  • The ability to assign tasks to users
    and collaborate on them
  • Staff portability and handoff due to turnover
    or simple reassignment
  • Accountability of staff and managers
  • Transparency of institutional knowledge
  • Paperless environments
  • Integrating email with workflow tracking
  • Import and export most data with Excel
  • And more!

Our Modules Make It Easy

We are building our modules as quickly as we can, but we want to make sure they are working well and thoroughly tested before making them available.  We appreciate your patience as we add modules for additional business processes to VTO. The modules currently available and scheduled for release are shown below.


Admin Watch Overview Video

The backbone of your VTO subscription, the Administration Module allows you to manage your security protocols to the levels which your organization requires, including two-factor authentication options and password minimum requirements. It also allows you to create and maintain your users based on your subscription, and assign each user to a specific role for each of the modules to which you subscribe. Lastly, you can make changes to your subscription, like adding or deleting user or storage allowances for a given module, adding or canceling modules, or even choosing to cancel your entire subscription, online through your subscription management portal.


Global Search

Global Search comes automatically available to each user, and is free of charge. It allows all users to search the contents of OrgChart without needing to provide them a license or user role to access it specifically. In this manner, everyone has access to your vital organizational information regardless of their role in VTO, but they can not change that information. Only users with the appropriate (not Read-Only) role for OrgChart can actually change the data in it.


OrgChart Watch Overview Video

The heart of VTO, sharing your organizational structure and physical locations for all users and for use by each functional module. This module is required for VTO to work, and specifically allows you to define the entities in your organization (including parent-child relationships), and the physical address (including previous address history) for all of your physical locations, whether they are offices, distribution centers, retail stores, or something else. OrgChart also allows you to define your accounting Business Unit structure, and associate it with either an entity or location, so it’s easier to export data that is relevant to your general ledger system. OrgChart allows you to import your entity, location, and business unit data to accelerate your initial setup using an Excel template you can download from the import function. You can also export this data to Excel.


ExCert Watch Overview Video

This module allows you to request and store indirect tax exemption certificates from your customers, and issue them to your vendors. We offer email delivery of requests and issuance of certificates, and electronic generation of PDF forms from our certificate library to reduce the need for scanning and uploading files.  Your customers can click on a link in the email and submit the documents to you electronically as well, so even THEY don’t have to manually fill out, scan, and upload an image.  And all electronically generated documents are saved as meta-data only – not counting against your data storage allowance since there’s no scanned image file to store. You can send reminders to certificate requests in bulk, so you don’t have to spend time seeing who’s responded and who hasn’t customer by customer. And two patent-pending features allow you to save a lot of time on certificate renewals, too!  Our current content covers all U.S. states, Canada and the PST provinces, many tax types, and the common exempt reason types. Currently, the ability to import certificates and requests is not a standard part of VTO, but you can work with one of our consulting partners who can help you get your historical data loaded into the module. Customer and vendor information can be imported and exported. Certificate information for both received and issued certificates can be exported for analysis.


Workflow Watch Overview Video

The Workflow Manager is used for controlling the workflow of common tasks performed by the tax department in a business, using Trackers to manage each type based on that task's typical lifecycle. There are three Trackers currently included in Workflow Manager: Assignment Tracker, which tracks various activities like tax registrations, voluntary disclosure agreements, and research projects; Audit Tracker, which tracks audit history for your entities and each audit through its lifecycle; and Notice Tracker, which tracks notices received from taxing jurisdictions throughout their lifecycle. We will be adding Knowledge Tracker, for maintaining important tax-centric information related to significant historical events, such as acquisitions or transfer pricing agreements, in 2021. Each Workflow Item (i.e. an Audit or a Notice) allows the entry of the basic information for that Work Item, including the entity to which it relates, the jurisdiction involved, and the period of time it covers. These also allow the attachment of multiple files at the Work Item level, such as an image of the notice or the audit notification letter. You then track the activities taken relative to that Work Item as you work through it to resolution. Activities can change the status of a Work Item, or keep it the same, depending on what is happening as a result of that particular activity. Activities include basic information (what type of activity it was, like an email received or sent) and the details of the activity (room for a comment and any attachments as well, like a Word document of a letter that was sent). If you enter an email activity, you have the choice to actually have VTO send that email for you, including attachments, rather than sending it yourself. And yes, you can BCC yourself if you really must use your Inbox to keep track of these things, but there’s no need for that since VTO tracks it all for you in a much more organized and searchable way! You can also have VTO add a tracking key to the email so when the recipient responds, or you receive a response to your own email address which you forward to a VTO emailbox, it will be added to that Work Item’s history automatically!

Work Items are assigned to individual users for accountability and effectiveness, and new Work Items can be set up unassigned, creating a “pool” of work for users to grab based on their role within your department. In addition, Tasks can be set up within Work Items and assigned to different users. Tasks are similar to Work Items in that they allow general data of the task to be stored, and also allow attachments and activities, just like their parent Work items. But they are still related to the parent Work Item, so users are able to collaborate on the Work Item and accelerate bringing it to resolution. You can use tasks for any purpose you see fit (typically to assign a user a task to complete by a certain deadline, which is set in the Task record), but common Tasks may include gathering of exemption certificates to prepare for an audit, handling an IRS Information Document Request (IDR), or dealing with tax policy changes needed after an audit identifies an issue.


Future Updates

Future modules being developed include tax type manager modules specific to overall tax types, such as Income Taxes (including Franchise), Real Property Taxes, and Sales Taxes (Indirect), and a tax calendar module named Compliance Tracker. We plan to have Compliance Tracker available in the first quarter of 2024. If you have a particular function you’d like to see us build in VTO, let us know about it!


Built By Tax People For Tax People

R3 Tax Solutions Inc., the developer of VTO, is based in Richmond, Virginia. With multiple patents pending, VTO is revolutionizing the tax software industry with features and functionality not generally available through other solutions, and at price points which are typically dramatically lower than most other solutions where there is functionality overlap.

Our approach to development is to build features and functions that do not exist in the marketplace today, or are generally not handled as a primary solution offering by current tax software providers. By building solutions that address unmet needs and hosting them on our servers, we control our development and support costs and pass those savings on to our subscribers.